Colorado Springs countersues GE Johnson for “unacceptable” work on Pikes Peak Summit Complex

Courtesy City of Colorado Springs
A rendering of the Pikes Peak Summit Complex from marketing materials supplied by the city of Colorado Springs. The site was completed in June of 2021, eight months later than anticpated.

The city of Colorado Springs has filed a countersuit against the company that built the new Pikes Peak Summit Complex. The suit denies allegations that the city is largely responsible for construction delays resulting in increased costs. It also slams GE Johnson's work on a parking lot and the landmark's wastewater system.

The lawsuit claims there are "severe undulations" in the parking lot to the west of the 38,000-square-foot summit house. The city estimates it will cost nearly $450,000 to fix the issue and said GE Johnson has refused to do the work. It also says the wastewater system does not function "as specified by the contract" and will cost a "substantial" amount to repair.

Both entities denied comment on the pending litigation. 

The city's response comes nearly a month after GE Johnson sued Colorado Springs, alleging breach of contract for nonpayment. The company says delays on the part of the city started a domino effect of other setbacks, including those aforementioned increased costs and a late overall start on the project, resulting in less time to work before winter weather set in. Other circumstances mentioned in the allegations include outdated information in a report about the geological conditions of the site and the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Court documents show the increased costs are at least $1 million over the initial $60 million agreement, although neither the city nor GE Johnson will provide the exact disputed amount. In an email last month, the city of Colorado Springs said it had paid nearly all of the initial cost estimate with $59,410,887.98 given to GE Johnson.

The city of Colorado Springs requested GE Johnson pay its attorneys fees for the litigation, calling the initial suit "frivolous and groundless."