Summer of Discovery: The Search for Life Too Small to See Day



Space Foundation Discovery Center, 4425 Arrowswest Dr, Colorado Springs, 80907

Event Description

Summer of Discovery: The Search for Life continues with "Too Small to See"

As recent as the beginning of the 20th century, humans believed there could be other life forms on other worlds, like Mars, similar to life forms we know here on Earth.

As we've started our Search for Life in the solar system with spacecraft and robotic explorers, we've learned that if we are going to find signs of life on other worlds, those first signs are most likely going to be 'Too Small to See.'

Cool Science joins us for this fun day of learning, activities and experiments which will give us all a better understanding of what signs of life we are looking for, and we'll have activities and demonstrations to bring us right into the action of the real scienctists Searching for Life throughout our solar system.
Too Small to See Day
Workshops, Activities and Demonstrations*:

Cool Science Demonstrations:
- Microscope viewing of life too small to see

- Scale of Life: from huge to tiny

- Best places to find life too small to see - Science on a Sphere presentation
- Hands-on crafts and activities to both imagine and create life forms
* All events of the day are subject to change without notice


General Admission