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Colton Underwood on life in ‘Coming Out Colton’ and his connections to Colorado

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Colton Underwood shot to fame as ABCs The Bachelor. Every week millions of people watched as 30 women vied for his attention, and ultimately his hand in marriage. At the end of season 23, Underwood handed the final rose to his future girlfriend in front of adoring fans. While outwardly Underwood, a former NFL football player, looked truly in love, the whole thing was a painful exercise because he was secretly gay.  Eventually Colton came out publicly last April following a downward spiral involving allegations of stalking and a restraining order against him. In what some have said is a true reality star move, Colton has documented the aftermath of his time on the Bachelor in the Netflix series Coming Out Colton, much of which was filmed here in Colorado where many of his friends and family live. Nathan spoke with him early last month.