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We Have A Winner! Energetic Act Wins CPR’s Solo On The Slope Contest

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We wanted to hear some Colorado talent from west of Glenwood Canyon, and we found it in droves. But there could only be one Solo on the Slope winner.

He is Cousin Curtiss of Placerville, a small town outside of Telluride. Watch Curtiss, whose name offstage is Curtiss O'Rorke Stedman, perform a rousing acoustic version of his original song “My Lover and Me” above. (He insists his dog's cameo wasn't a ploy to woo us with cuteness.)

“I love the Western Slope in Colorado because of the people. We’re all really here for the same reasons: getting outside, enjoying life, doing whatever it is you like to do,” he said. “I think my style of music really fits that demographic.”

Curtiss will perform in front of a live audience at The Avalon Theatre in Grand Junction on June 21. The Colorado Matters live event also features a live interview with bestselling Colorado author Peter Heller whose new wilderness thriller is "The River."

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