City to Seek Funding to Help Landslide Victims; Public Meetings Planned

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Colorado Springs officials are planning to apply for a grant to help property owners affected by landslides on the city's west side. 

Heavy rains in 2015 have caused slides in several areas in western Colorado Springs, damaging a number of homes.

Gordon Brenner, Recovery Coordinator for the city's Office of Emergency Management, says there are two meetings planned, in part so residents can see if they're eligible, but also to figure out who needs help. 

"We would really like people to attend these meeting so that they can learn what's going on and we can get more information," says Brenner.  "The program really requires that people self report, cause the city has no other way of knowing if this is going on." 

Brenner says the funds from FEMA could be used to help purchase affected homes based on a prioritization list. The city's grant application is due in May.

The meetings are scheduled for Tuesday, February 16th at St Paul's Catholic Church and Thursday, February 18th at Colorado Springs Fire Station 16. Both meetings will be held from 6:30-8pm.