Got Questions about the Fine Arts Center Alliance with Colorado College?

91.5 KRCC is partnering with KCME on an upcoming special looking at the historic alliance between The Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center and Colorado College. In this hour-long program, we aim to explain the deal, provide some background on the history and significance of Fine Arts Center, and ask what it will mean for the future of the arts in southern Colorado. 

But we need your help.

If you have questions or concerns about the alliance, we're asking you to submit them to us, so that we can get answers from the people overseeing the deal. This is your chance to have your voice heard!

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Correction - 9/13/16: In an earlier version of this post, the deal between Colorado College and the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center was referred to as a "merger." That language has been changed, as the deal is not a "merger" in the technical sense of the term. Instead, we are referring to the agreement between the two institutions as an "alliance," which is how it has been characterized by both Colorado College and the Fine Arts Center.