Hazard Mitigation Meeting Part of Manitou Springs Master Planning

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Manitou Springs is encouraging input from community members for the city's first comprehensive master plan.

The plan is expected to include a variety of issues, including housing, transportation, and land use.

City planner Karen Berchtold says part will also include developing a unique hazard mitigation plan due to the number of natural disasters having occurred over the past few years.

"The idea is that to really reduce your hazard risk, you need to really look at your long-term planning policies and make sure that they're not contributing to your risk but rather helping to address it to reduce your hazard risk," said Berchtold.

A community meeting is scheduled for Thursday at 3 PM at City Hall, where the department plans to present a draft land use plan and the results of a hazard risk assessment.

Berchtold says the department will likely finalize the comprehensive plan at the end of this year before it heads to City Council for final approval.

More information on the project can be found at www.planmanitou.com.