Levee Planners Look At Recreation

Repairs are again underway on the aging Arkansas River levee that protects downtown Pueblo from flooding.  Work can only take place during the winter season, when water levels in the river are down.

During the last three winters, crews removed the top of most of the levee and resurfaced over a mile of the structure.  The current phase calls for additional new concrete facing, but will temporarily bypass the existing kayak course, allowing more time for design work on a new whitewater park.

Planners are gathering community ideas as to how to use the river corridor.  For many, updating the existing whitewater park for a wider range of users and a longer season is a priority.  Other suggestions include adding restrooms, enhancing wildlife habitat, and making sure art is part of the plan, says consultant Chad Herd. 

Most often though, Herd says people say, "Let's connect things, let's make it easy for people to access, and let's make it safe."

Planners will collect input through the end of the month using an online survey.  More public meetings next year will lead to a first draft for a master plan.