Pueblo mayoral candidate questionnaire: Larry Atencio

Courtesy photo.
2023 Pueblo mayoral candidate Larry Atencio.

KRCC News sent detailed surveys about some of the most critical issues facing city leaders, to the candidates running for the Pueblo mayoral seat. Read their responses below.

The responses have been lightly edited for clarity.

Role and vision

Why do you want to be mayor/on council and what qualifications would you bring to the position?

I am asked this question about why I got involved with City council, I always answer. 98% of this job is working with people that want to work to make Pueblo a better place, I want to be a part of that group and don’t mind putting in the work with those people to help make Pueblo a great place to live. Don’t believe anyone who says Pueblo is a terrible place.

What makes you proud to be a Puebloan?

I’m proud of the people in this town, they are tough and resilient, they are

What endorsements do you hold?


Quick responses

Do you support the statewide initiative Prop HH?


Do you support the statewide Prop II? 


Should Pueblo go back to a city manager-run government instead of maintaining a strong mayor?


Should the city move the bust of Christopher Columbus?


Do you support the expansion of bike routes?


Community issues

What is the biggest challenge facing Pueblo you plan to address as an elected official? How would you address it?

The biggest challenge facing Pueblo aside from the big hot button issues is our own perception of our city, thinking that we don’t deserve the things that other cities take for granted. Taking care of our own Pueblo people is paramount, whether it’s the homeless or Young families getting into home ownership, raising our quality of life will be one of my big priorities.

How might you seek to combat the rising cost of living?

Raising the pay for our workers is the answer to combat high cost of living, bringing in jobs with good pay.

What kind of new employment opportunities should local government work to attract? What should they pay and how would you work to attract and/or create them?

I am a supporter of PEDCO and will work with them to bring jobs and industry that will pay a good living wage to our community. I believe that improving the look (beautification) of our city will help with attracting company’s with good paying jobs. Also amenities that will provide a good quality of life with activities that not only young people but everyone can enjoy.

How do you plan on improving public safety?

Real time crime center, and more. Retention and recruiting more police officers. Providing more things for our young kids do do will help. Increasing pay for our workers will also help.

What do you see as the primary contributor to the issue of homelessness in Pueblo and how would you address it?

Many contributors. I will support all organizations that deal with that issue to the extent possible. Now that ARPA is coming to a close city government will not be able to contribute to those organizations as much as before.

How do you feel about the current relationship between city council and the mayor's office?  How would you work to foster that relationship?

There is no relationship. At lease monthly meetings with each council member. I will ask each district councilor to bring a capital project that we can work on together. I will ask the at-large members to address our social issues.

What is the image of Pueblo? What should it be?  What are three steps to get it there?

Many people think of Pueblo in a negative way, I want to change that. Beautifying the city will help. Providing recreational and cultural amenities to attract people to visit Pueblo Getting people to stop when traveling up and down I-25.