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Colorado Public Radio Reporter Dan Boyce Honored With National Press Foundation’s Mattingly Award; CPR Wins Regional Society Of Professional Journalists And Colorado Broadcasters Association Awards

Denver, May 4, 2021 - Colorado Public Radio reporter Dan Boyce was honored today with the Carolyn C. Mattingly Award for Mental Health Reporting from the National Press Foundation. CPR also recently won a number of awards from the Society of Professional Journalists (Colorado Pro Chapter) and the Colorado Broadcasters Association. 

According to the National Press Foundation, the Mattingly Award recognizes exemplary journalism that illuminates and advances the understanding of mental health issues and treatments for the illness. Boyce won the award in recognition of his audio documentary “The Long Lonely Lake,” published as a bonus episode of CPR’s podcast “Back from Broken.” “The Long Lonely Lake” details Boyce’s own mental breakdown and his journey back to health. 

“Dan Boyce’s unflinching self-examination of his depression is beautifully written,” said judge Kari Howard of Reuters in the National Press Foundation’s announcement. “But what really impressed me was the feat of storytelling in weaving together the voices of those who care for him. An amazing achievement.”

In April, The Society of Professional Journalists Top of the Rockies honored CPR News with 10 first-place awards in diverse categories including Social Justice Reporting, Podcast, Feature Photography/Videography, Education: News and more. Of the winning entry for Social Justice Reporting, awarded for CPR’s coverage of the inequities in Colorado’s COVID-19 response, the judges said, “This is the full package. Precise, well-written, yet emotional reporting.” The team also earned four second-place and two third-place awards. A full list of winners is below.

Denverite also picked up four first-place awards, for Multimedia Story, Social Justice Photography/Videography, Social Justice Reporting, and Feature Photography/Videography. Visual journalist Kevin J. Beaty earned the feature photography award for “Deportation made her a single mother. Now, Christina Zaldivar may leave the only city she's called home.” Judges said, “It is clear the photographer spent time to get to know the subjects. … Really well done.”

The Colorado Broadcasters Association honored CPR News with three Awards of Excellence for Best News Feature, Report or Series, Best Mini-Documentary or Series, and Best Radio Podcast, as well as a certificate of merit for Best News Coverage of a Single Event. 

CPR Classical also earned a certificate of merit for Best Mini-Documentary or Series for its Monet Mondays feature.

The awards season continues in May, with the inaugural Ambies — the Podcast Academy’s new awards ceremony on May 16 — at which “Back from Broken” is nominated for Best Interview Podcast. “Back from Broken” is nominated in the category alongside WNYC's popular show  “Death, Sex & Money” as well as podcasts by National Geographic, the Los Angeles Times and “Frontline” from PBS.

Society for Professional Journalists Top of the Rockies Awards for CPR News (Extra Large-Newsroom Category)

Ag and Environment: News, First Place, Safety Fears Hang In The Air After A Benzene Spike At A Greeley School With A Neighboring Oil And Gas Well, Allison Herrera, Michael Elizabeth Sakas, Alison Borden, Chuck Murphy, Hart Van Denburg

Beat Reporting, COVID-19 health impacts, John Daley, Kate Schimel

Education: News, First Place, Inside Room 132: How One Colorado School Embarks On In-Person Learning, Jenny Brundin, Kate Schimel

Enterprise Reporting, First Place, Shots Fired: An investigation of police shootings in Colorado, Ben Markus, Allison Sherry, Chuck Murphy, Jim Hill, Kevin Beaty, Hart Van Denburg, Kevin Dale

Feature Photography/Videography, First Place, What A Time To Become An American, Hart Van Denburg, Avery Lill, Rachel Estabrook

Health: News, First Place, COVID-19 Long Haulers, Claire Cleveland, Hart Van Denburg, Kate Schimel

Pandemic Photography/Videography , First Place, Pregnant And On a Ventilator: This Colorado Mom Survived Coronavirus And Just Gave Birth, Hart Van Denburg

Podcast, Back from Broken, Vic Vela, Brad Turner, Rebekah Romberg, Rachel Estabrook, Curtis Fox

Politics: News, First Place, Colorado's Third Congressional District Race, Caitlyn Kim, Michelle Fulcher, Sandra Fish, Megan Verlee, Carl Bilek, Ryan Warner, Jim Hill, Hart Van Denburg

Social Justice Reporting, First Place, The inequities in Colorado's COVID-19 response, John Daley, Andrea Dukakis, Kate Schimel, Chuck Murphy, Paolo Zialcita, Elena Rivera, Esteban Hernandez, Kevin Beaty, Hart Van Denburg, Andrew Kenney, Jim Hill, Phil Maravilla, Ryan Warner, Avery Lill, Carl Bilek, Claire Cleveland, Donna Bryson

Breaking News Story, Second Place, The East Troublesome Fire, Hart Van Denburg, Alison Borden, Dan Boyce, Michael Elizabeth Sakas, Kevin Beaty, Corey Jones, Ana Campbell, Sam Brasch, Nathaniel Minor, Dave Burdick, Alex Scoville, Jim Hill, Francie Swidler, Esteban Hernandez

Enterprise Reporting, Second Place, How Colorado Caught COVID-19, Ben Markus, Allison Sherry, Chuck Murphy, Jim Hill, Kevin Beaty, Hart Van Denburg, Kevin Dale

Mental Health: News, Second Place, Healthcare Worker Burnout, John Daley, Hart Van Denburg, Kate Schimel

Podcast, Second Place, On Something, Ann Marie Awad, Curtis Fox, Mark Pagan, Rebekah Romberg, Brad Turner, Dennis Funk

Mental Health: Feature, Third Place, The Long Lonely Lake, Dan Boyce, Bishop Sand, Dennis Funk, Alisa Barba

Politics: News, Third Place, Election Conspiracy Theorists Focused On One Man In Colorado. His Life Will Never Be The Same, Bente Birkeland, Megan Verlee

Society for Professional Journalists Top of the Rockies Awards for Denverite (Medium Newsroom Category)

Feature Photography/Videography, First Place, Deportation made her a single mother. Now, Christina Zaldivar may leave the only city she's called home., Kevin J. Beaty

Multimedia Story, First Place, Denver's coroners, our advocates for the dead, are busier than ever, Kevin J. Beaty

Social Justice Photography/Videography, First Place, “Protests for racial justice,” Kevin J. Beaty

Social Justice Reporting, First Place, Aftermath of protests against police violence and systemic racism, David Sachs

Ag and Environment: News, Third Place, Air Quality Data Reporting, Kevin J. Beaty

Public Service, Third Place, RTD's domain, David Sachs

Full list of SPJ awards.

Colorado Broadcasters Association Awards

Awards of Excellence

Best News Feature, Report or Series, Marching with King: After 50 Years, A Coloradan’s Emotional Return to Selma, Anthony Cotton, Rachel Estabrook, Michael Hughes

Best Mini-Documentary or Series (public radio stations only), The Long Lonely Lake, Dan Boyce, Bishop Sand, Dennis Funk

Best Radio Podcast, On Something: Cannabis on the Menu, Ann Marie Awad, Rebekah Romberg, Dennis Funk

Certificates of Merit

Best News Coverage of a Single Event, CPR’s coverage of the spread of the East Troublesome Fire, CPR News team

Best Mini-Documentary or Series (public radio stations only), Monet Mondays, Monika Vischer, Karla Walker, CPR Classical Team

Full list of CBA awards (must watch videos in order to see awards lists). 


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