· May 14, 2015, 9:20 am

KRCC's signal in Colorado Springs has gone down as of about 9:10am 5/14/15.  We're uncertain of the cause.  Our engineer is rushing to correct the problem.  Thanks for your patience.

UPDATE 9:40am: It appears that our link to our main transmitter has gone down and we are unable to deliver audio.  Our engineer is headed to Cheyenne mountain to turn on older, microwave equipment.  We'll post more updates as we learn more.

UPDATE 10:45am:  It appears that our exciter locked-up and we had a power-strip fail on Cheyenne mountain.  Bizarre things to have break, but they've been replaced/reset--most likely storm related.  We're back on the air!  Apologies for the interuption.

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