A Deep Dive Into The Colorado College – Fine Arts Center Alliance

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On August 25th, after months of behind the scenes discussions, Colorado College and the Colorado Springs Fine Arts center announced an historic alliance to integrate the FAC into the college. The announcement came after prolonged financial challenges at the arts center, stemming in part from a $30 million renovation in 2006. 

The deal will see the college assume ownership of the FAC--which includes a museum, professional theater company, and art school--over the course of the next four years, taking over administrative responsibilities and stewardship of the facilities. Colorado College has committed $20 million of their $720 million endowment for ongoing support of the Fine Arts Center. The deal has prompted endorsements from some, and concerns from others who worry about how the alliance will alter an institution that has served the community for over 80 years.  

In this special collaboration between 91.5 KRCC and 88.7 KCME, we take a closer look at the Fine Arts Center - Colorado College alliance and ask what it will mean for the general public and generations to come.  

We hear from historian Matt Mayberry about the founders and formation of the Fine Arts Center; artists, gallery owners and commentators discuss their thoughts on the deal; and CC President Jill Tiefenthaler and Fine Arts Center CEO David Dahlin answer the public's questions about the logistics of this partnership. 

Featured in this episode:

Stay up to date and submit your thoughts and questions on the deal online at Colorado College's website.

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