Independent Records in Colorado Springs set to close after 45 years in business

Jess Hazel/KRCC News
Independent Records in Colorado Springs will close in September after 45 years in business.

A beloved local record store in Colorado Springs will soon close its doors after 45 years in southern Colorado. 

The announcement came recently on the business' Facebook page that the last remaining location on Academy will close as a result of multiple challenges, such as owner Orville Lambert's poor health, recent financial shortfalls and a slowdown in business due to the pandemic as well as the store’s move from its longtime location on Platte Avenue to Academy Boulevard.

Manager Hollie Sherwood said she felt devastated by the news. 

“I felt crushed, for myself, for the community,” Sherwood said. “I can't imagine Colorado Springs without this in its life. Yeah, I was definitely heartbroken."

At its height, Independent Records had multiple stores, including one in Pueblo. It slowly began downsizing before selling its two-building site on Platte and moving to its current location. The store is also known for its smoking paraphernalia.

The last store is slated for closure in September and is currently having a going-out-of-business sale.

Still, Sherwood has some hope. She started a crowdfunding campaign to help someone buy the store and keep it open.

“Gosh it seems like a long shot but I’m hoping that somehow we have enough funding,” Sherwood said. 

“I’m hoping we have a buyer. And whatever we raise through the GoFundMe can help contribute [to] them buying the company. I think it all would be okay if somebody could buy the inventory, take over the lease and continue on as Independent Records.” 

As of Wednesday, only a fraction of a $100,000 goal had been raised.

The store also plans to host a fundraiser this Friday. Sherwood said it’s also a celebration of the role Independent Records has played in the community. 

“The legacy that’s been here for 45 years,” Sherwood said. “I mean that’s a really long time and that should be celebrated too. That this has been here for 45 years. That doesn’t exist in this world anymore.” 

Updates about an exact closing date and other information about fundraising will be shared through the store’s Facebook page.   

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