Lawsuit against the new Sunset Amphitheater in Colorado Springs claims venue would make too much noise

· Sep. 28, 2023, 10:13 am
A digital rendering of The Sunset.A digital rendering of The Sunset.Lifang and BCA Studios
A digital rendering of The Sunset.

Residents of Colorado Springs’ northside are suing over a controversial new amphitheater currently under construction. 

The suit targets both the city and Notes Live, which is building the Sunset Amphitheater. Michael Kuhn, who lives near the venue, and the Northside Neighbors Association, which he is president of, say the facility would violate statewide noise ordinances. They also say the city's exemption permits violate state law. 

The suit seeks to halt further construction and require the city to change codes to meet statewide standards among other actions.  

The city approved the development of the 8,000-seat amphitheater in 2022, despite opposition from residents in the area. Residents living in the Northgate neighborhood appealed the council’s approval in January because of concerns the music venue would increase traffic, crime and noise in the area. 

Plans for the amphitheater include hosting about 50 concerts a year starting in 2024.

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