A nearly three-mile paved path on top of Pueblo’s Arkansas River levee is complete

Andrea Chalfin/KRCC News
The recently completed path on top of the Arkansas River levee in Pueblo is nearly three miles long. Pikes Peak can be seen in the distance.

Puebloans can now walk, run and bike on a recently completed paved path on top of the Arkansas River levee that runs about 2.8 miles between Wildhorse Creek almost to Runyon Lake.

The new trail connects multiple neighborhoods and provides additional access to recreation along the river. It's part of an overall recreation plan that was created during the repair and reconstruction of the 100-year-old levee that protects Pueblo’s downtown area from flooding

The height of the levee was reduced during the repair work. This change opened up more potential to use the new structure for recreation

Two pedestrian bridges link the levee path with more than 30 miles of existing trails near and along the river and Fountain Creek. The new pathway also features art, shade structures and other amenities.

Funding for this project comes from the state, city and  Pueblo Conservancy District as well as other sources.