Table Mesa King Soopers in Boulder will reopen nearly a year after mass shooting

Hart Van Denburg/CPR News
Visitors at the makeshift memorial fence outside King Soopers supermarket on Table Mesa Drive, Monday, March 29, 2021.

The King Soopers grocery store in Boulder where a gunman killed 10 people last March will reopen Feb. 9. 

The store at 3600 Table Mesa Drive has been completely redesigned, with input from employees and community members. Company leaders hope the remodel will help people recover from the tragedy.

“We know that restoring this location is a very important step in our healing journey,” Joe Kelley, president of King Soopers, said in a statement announcing the plan.

King Soopers says the reopening will include a ceremony to honor those who were killed. 

The store was originally set to reopen Jan. 20, but the company delayed due to a 10-day strike by employees across the Front Range. Plans to reopen resumed after union organizers and the company agreed on a three-year contract

A judge found the alleged shooter mentally incompetent to stand trial in December. He has been transferred to Colorado’s largest mental health hospital, where Boulder District Attorney Michael Dougherty hopes he will improve enough to face more than 100 criminal charges tied to the shooting.